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Making Things Happen

Deborah is always on top of things.  In this market, a buyer must move quickly, and Deborah made things happen when it came to getting inside a house and making an effective offer quickly.  She understands the partnership that's necessary in this competitive market between an agent and a buyer in getting the property the buyer desires.

I was referred to Deborah by a close friend who knew the quality of her representation from a prior transaction.  Through working with Deborah, I was successful in buying a house I love.  Her effective representation in my deal was key in the success of my purchase in this market. 

Deborah not only knows the market and the neighborhoods in the market, she understands effective tactics to use to negotiate a deal, and has a knack of knowing where a buyer might come in on the sale price when making an offer.  When I worked with her, she often made important suggestions based on her years of experience, but was not pushy or heavy-handed in dealing with me as a buyer.  We truly had a partnership in my successful purchase of my house.  She also understands and practices the positive interpersonal relationships that are often necessary between agents on both sides of a deal in bringing a deal to a successful close.

~ Carolyn Childers