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Entirely Different Level Of Service

I have known Deborah Mannion for several years, both as a neighbor and as a Real Estate agent. What sets her apart from other agents I have known is her obvious visibility. Even before I decided to list my home and after she had moved out of my neighborhood, Deborah was always present, especially if she had a listing. I was impressed with this alone due to past bad experiences with other agents.

Once I decided to sell and was actively involved in the process, I came to see an entirely different level of service. Deborah not only takes an active personal interest in your home sale or purchase, she brings the combined force of a team of experienced professionals to assure that no detail is left to chance. Her and her partners performed an exhaustive study on sales in my area to assist me in pricing my home. Then, once I listed my home, the team kicked into hyper drive. She consulted with me on staging my home to be appealing to buyers including using her own materials to provide my prospective buyers with an appearance which highlighted why they should want to live in my home.

Her team distributed the most professional looking fliers I have seen, created a customized brochure for my home which was more than impressive and took care every detail to ensure nothing was left to chance in making preparations for open house sessions; but not what you would think of as a typical open house. Deborah and her team created an atmosphere of “welcome home” to prospective buyers with not only their warm personalities but with savory treats and beverages. Needless to say, my home sold quickly; for more than the asking price.

But there’s more! Leading into closing, I continued to be impressed with the team service after the offer. I was out of town for most of the time the house was going through escrow. The team managed everything required to ensure the escrow process flowed smoothly. Their communication was beyond reproach and there is nothing I could give them as advice to improve how they managed the sale of my home. Thanks Deborah and the Masters Real Estate Group for all you have done!

~Greg Earick